Clinical Trial Staff

Marina Mullins

Operations Manager

Marina Mullins is the Operations Manager and manages both the programme of ALLG clinical trials, and the staff of the ALLG Trial Centre.

Sarah Baxter (nee Dewberry)

Quality Assurance Officer

Sarah Baxter is the ALLG Quality Assurance Officer and focuses on improving our trial management timelines.

Protocol Development Coordinator

Brock joined the ALLG in January 2017, and brings with him a background of multi-disciplinary experience spanning clinical, diagnostic, research and business development work.

Adele Lee-Wriede ALLG

Biobank Coordinator

Adele is a point of contact for all ALLG Members, Trial Centre and Committees, and she can facilitate workflow between the ALLG and Hunter Cancer Biobank (HCB).

Eva Pesce ALLG

NBCR Project Coordinator

Eva Pesce is the Project Coordinator working on the National Blood Cancer Registry.

Jerome Macapagal ALLG

Data Manager

With extensive experience in database development, Jerome joined the ALLG in January 2018 to develop and maintain the trial databases.

Suzanne Cake

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Suzanne Cake is an ALLG Senior CRA and manages NHL26, CLL06, HD08, MM13 and MM16.

Tracey Gerber

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Tracey Gerber is an ALLG Senior CRA and manages PT1 and CML09.

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Amanda Jager is an ALLG Senior CRA managing the AMLM15 and ALL06 trials and mentoring more inexperienced staff members.

Ashlee Burt ALLG

Clinical Research Associate

Ashlee Burt is an ALLG CRA working on ALL06 and CML12 clinical trials.

Clinical Research Associate

Julia Carlson is an ALLG CRA working on BM12, NHL29, NHL25, NHL21 & NHL16 trials.

Rachel Cushion ALLG

Clinical Research Associate

Rachel Cushion is an ALLG CRA working on the CLL07, CLL05, HD10, CML11, NHL14 & NHL24 trials.

Giulia Quattrocchi ALLG

Clinical Research Associate

Giulia Quattrocchi is an ALLG CRA working on AMLM16 and ALL08 trials.

Clinical Research Associate

Chrissie Risteski is an ALLG CRA working on MM18, APML5 and AMLM22 clinical trials.

Uyen Nguyen ALLG

Clinical Trials Assistant

Uyen Nguyen is an RMIT Honours Student currently gaining valuable experience on ALL08, AMLM12 and CLL6 clinical trials.