Clinical Trial Staff

Suzanne Cake

Project Manager – Development

Suzanne Cake is the Project Manager – Development for all ALLG clinical trials. This role focusses on proactively assisting ALLG Members to develop research initiatives and new clinical trials.

Tracey Gerber

Project Manager – Clinical Trials

Tracey Gerber is a Project Manager – Clinical Trials. In this role, Tracey manages a team of 5 staff members and oversees a portfolio of clinical trials.

Gloria Nkhoma

Project Manager – Clinical Trials

Gloria Nkhoma manages a team of 4 staff members and oversees a portfolio of clinical trials.

Project Manager – Clinical Trials

Amanda Souza is an ALLG Project Manager managing the Intercept AMLM26 trial and mentoring more inexperienced staff members.

Naomi Sprigg

Project Officer

Naomi Sprigg is an ALLG Project Officer. Naomi is responsible for coordinating the development of the research study component within trial’s in development, overseeing the ALLG’s lab science program and biobank, and managing the AMLM22 trial.


Karin Dunne

NBCR and Biobank Coordinator

Karin Dunne is the ALLG’s NBCR and Biobank Coordinator. She is responsible for the management of the NBCR Biobank workflow.

Mannu Walia

Clinical Trial Assistant

Mannu is working as a Clinical Trial Assistant on trials NHL14, NHL25, NHL27 and NHL29.


Quality Assurance Officer/Clinical Research Associate

Julia Carlson is currently serving as the Quality Assurance Officer in a caretaker capacity and assists with the BM12, NHL29 & NHL30 clinical trials.

Dana Byers

Clinical Research Associate

Dana Byers is an ALLG Clinical Research Associate currently working on the NHL32 trial, and assists with the MM23 and AMLM25 clinical trials.

Clinical Research Associate II

Dan Engeler is an ALLG CRA working on AMLM25 and MM18 clinical trials.


Clinical Research Associate

Sophie Yorkston is an ALLG CRA working on AMLM21, BM12, CML12, NHL29 and HD10 clinical trials.


Clinical Trial Assistant

Renata Retegan is an ALLG CTA working on AMLM16, AMLM23, AMLM24 and ALL08.


Georgina Huan

Clinical Research Associate

Georgina Huan is a Clinical Research Associate currently working on the MM23 Trial.

Joanna Nkyekyer

Clinical Research Associate

Joanna Nkyekyer is a Clinical Research Associate currently working on the ALL08, AMLM25& BM13 Trials.


Kylie Milne

Quality Assurance Officer

Kylie Milne is currently working as the ALLG Quality Assurance Officer. Kylie comes from health and medical research background, with experience in quality across labs and clinical trials involving lab based research.


Meghana Dsouza

Clinical Trial Assistant

Meghana Dsouza is an ALLG CTA currently working on CML11, CML12, BM12, MM18, NHL26 and NHL31.


Mani Velivelli

Clinical Trials Database Manager

Mani Velivelli is the ALLG Clinical Trials Database Manager currently working on AMLM22