Naomi Sprigg is the Clinical Operations Manager of the Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group (ALLG)

Clinical Operations Manager

Naomi Sprigg

Naomi brings with her over 15 years of haematology experience having worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in the Haematology & BMT research department.

Naomi previously worked at the ALLG between 2016-2018 as the Tissue Bank Coordinator, facilitating the ALLG Biobank successful transition.

Since commencing at the ALLG, Naomi has developed strong connections and a personal profile with ALLG members. Naomi is passionate about nurturing relationships and building a strong team foundation to support ALLG members. Naomi is highly motivated and will uphold the ALLG core values with her strong personal integrity and high ethical standards.

In her role as Clinical Operations Manager of the ALLG she will ensure the ALLG clinical trial program from concept to trial activation is performing to optimal standards, and that the program is delivered in an efficient and effective manner aligned with the ALLG scientific objectives.