ALLG in the Herald Sun and The Advertiser newspapers – about AML trial and our 50 years of impact

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The ALLG has featured in the Herald Sun (Melbourne newspaper, page 12, March 24, 2023) and in The Advertiser (Adelaide newspaper, page 17, March 24, 2023) with an article titled “World-first cancer trial; triad of treatments offers hope to leukaemia”.

The story mentions that the ALLG is celebrating [our] 50th anniversary in May, and includes an interview with Professor Andrew Wei who is the lead investigator of the AMLM26 INTERCEPT platform trial; about a novel way to identify and treat patients with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) before they relapse.

For AML patients, of which there are around 1100 new cases a year in Australia, their lives may depend on a successful outcome of this unique study AMLM26 INTERCEPT that is being run the ALLG.

Visit ALLG’s Clinical Trials webpage here and learn more about the trial here.

The study is supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council – NHMRC and the Leukaemia Foundation Australia.

We encourage AML patients to ask their local hospital haematologist if they are eligible to join the early surveillance program.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, speak with you doctor and visit ALLG’s Current Clinical Trials list and see Frequently Asked Questions about participating in a clinical trial and learn more here about getting involved in clinical trial research.

For five decades now, our cooperative group, the ALLG has been bringing together blood cancer experts from across Australia and New Zealand to volunteer their time and run clinical trials to change the way blood cancers – leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, – are treated.

Did you know that our not-for-profit, the ALLG, has contributed to what are now standard treatments for some blood cancers and continues to drive change for greater access to new and more effective therapies for patients? As a registered charity, 100% of donations go to our clinical trials’ program. Find out some of the ways you can support this mission for better treatments, better lives for patients with blood cancer. Learn more here.

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