Celebrating the ALLG’s Newest Life and Long-Time Members

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At the ALLG, we love to highlight our members’ good works to help those affected by blood cancer. At the November ALLG Scientific Meeting, A/Prof Peter Mollee (pictured) announced the awarding of two new ALLG Life Memberships and presented 10, 20 and 30-year pins to a distinguished group of haematologists and scientists who graciously dedicated their time and energy to the ALLG and developing world-class clinical trials.

New Life Members:

Prof Harry Iland, A/Prof Max Wolf

New 30-year Members:

Leanne Berkhan, Ilona Cunningham, Barry Dale, Frank Firkin, Michael Leahy

New 20-year Members:

Ross Baker, Robert Bird, Anthony Bonaventura, Peter Browett, Ian Bunce, Philip Campbell, Kimberly Cartwright, Gavin Cull, Ian Davis, Simon Durrant, Paul Eliadis, Shing Tung Fan, Robin Filshie, Cecily Forsyth, Vinod Ganju, Peter Ganly, Andrew Grigg, Michael Harvey, Joy Ho, Robert Lindeman, Stephen Mulligan, Penelope Motum, Miles Prince, Ian Prosser, Andrew Roberts, Ruth Spearing, Jeff Szer, Campbell Tiley, Guy van Hazel, Pauline Warburton, Steven Ward, Anne-Marie Watson, Nicholas Wickham, Andrew Wirth.

New 10-year Members:

Raymond Banh, Ketan Bavishi, Anthony Bell, Robert Blum, Kate Burbury, Andrew Butler, Alberto Catalano, Carol Cheung, David Curtis, Mark Dean, Richard Eek, Helen Fairweather, Michael Fulham, Stephen Fuller, Hugh Goodman, James Gray, Matthew Greenwood, Simon Harrison, Rosemary Harrup, Devendra Hiwase, Shir-Jing Ho, Samar Issa, Anna Kalff, Rajuc Khanna, Choong Hook Lai, Maya Latimer, Ian Lewis, Silvia Ling, Sally Mapp, Kylie Mason, Orla Morrissey, Michael Osborn, Lucy Pemberton, John Pimanda, Hang Quach, Fernando Roncolato, Dipti Talaulikar, Constantine Tam, Nicole Verrills, Nicholas Viiala, Meaghan Wall, Craig Wallington-Beddoe, Deborah White, Brenton Wylie, David Yeung.

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