Introducing Five of Our Newest Life Members

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During the October 2023 Scientific Meeting, ALLG welcomed our five new Life Members: Professor Mark Hertzberg, Professor Paula Marlton, Michele Gambrill, Professor Andrew Grigg and Professor Andrew Roberts.

Pictured from left to right: Professor Mark Hertzberg, Professor Paula Marlton, Michele Gambrill, Professor Andrew Grigg and Professor Andrew Roberts.
Pictured from left to right: Professor Mark Hertzberg, Professor Paula Marlton, Michele Gambrill, Professor Andrew Grigg and Professor Andrew Roberts.

We extend our sincere appreciation to these distinguished members for their significant contributions to ALLG, which have played a pivotal role in improving the lives of those affected by blood cancer. ALLG Life Membership is a special category for Members who have made an important and sustained contribution to the advancement of haematology research and the activities of ALLG.

Professor Mark Hertzberg has been instrumental in advancing ALLG through active involvement in our clinical and translational research programs, organisational development and mentorship of clinicians and researchers. Notably, he led the NHL21 trial, improving cancer-free survival for patients with diffuse B-cell lymphoma through an intensified chemotherapy regimen. In addition, his collaborations with the German lymphoma specialists extended the HD10 trial to Australia, making a substantial impact for patients with advanced stage Hodgkin Lymphoma.

With over 30 years of experience in haematology, specialising in acute leukaemia, Professor Paula Marlton is nationally and internationally acclaimed for her significant contributions to malignant haematology. Professor Marlton has been an active member of ALLG since 1994, leading and co-leading many of our clinical trials, including the AMLM13 AND AMLM23 HOVON trials. In addition to that, she actively participates as an ALLG site investigator, contributing to numerous investigator-sponsored and industry-sponsored trials at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Michele Gambrill has been a member of ALLG since 2010, but her association with ALLG dates back to the early trials of 1999. Michele has served as the Trials Unit Manager at the Calvary Mater Hospital in Newcastle for over 25 years, completing 30 years of service upon her retirement. Through the implementation of new processes, she has enhanced efficiency and accuracy across all research facets, positioning Calvary Mater Hospital among the top Hematology trial units in the country. Thanks to Michele’s unwavering commitment to facilitating quality clinical trials, over 540 patients from Calvary Mater have participated in 54 of ALLG trials and the NBCR.

Professor Andrew Grigg has been an active contributor to ALLG since its inception in 1991. During his 32 years of membership of ALLG, he has held a number of committee appointments – including being a Board Member from 2013 to 2016 – and contributed to clinical trial program in diverse disease areas such as BMT, MPN, Multiple Myeloma, Supportive Care and more. Furthermore, Professor Grigg took the role of co-Investigator on CML trials, leading to the improvement of therapy in chronic myeloid leukaemia, as well as acting as co-Investigators on AML trials and Chief Investigator of the successful ALL05 trial and the BM07 trial, one of the few trials in the field of BMT.

Professor Andrew Roberts commenced his membership with ALLG in 1999 and has been instrumental in the growth and professional governance of ALLG as we know it today. In addition to participating in various Scientific Committees, including Acute Leukaemia Scientific Working Party, CLL, Myeloma and Laboratory Science, Professor Roberts made a remarkable contribution to ALLG by serving as a Board Director for thirteen years. Professor Roberts’ guidance has played a key role in expanding ALLG’s reach and relevance both locally and internationally, and supporting ALLG’s progress towards its strategic objectives.

We acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional efforts of our newly inducted Life Members. Their dedication and expertise are invaluable, and we are excited to witness their continued contribution to ALLG’s impact as we continue our focus on innovation and collaboration to ensure better treatments and better lives for patients with blood cancers.