ALLG’s Launches Latest Research Report

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ALLG's 2023 Research Report

ALLG recently launched our Research Report 2023 at our May Scientific Meeting. Over our five decades of impact, ALLG clinical trials have contributed significantly to the field of blood cancer research and paradigm shifts in cancer treatments. The latest Research Report is a testament to our commitment, dedication and collaborative efforts to deliver innovative research and develop treatments that improve survival rates and quality of life for patients with blood cancer.

Read more about our clinical trials by downloading a copy of ALLG’s Research Report 2023.


ALLG's 2023 Research Report


About the Research Report

The ALLG’s Research Report 2023 contains comprehensive information about ALLG’s clinical trial portfolio, milestones and progress during 2023, along with reports from our key researchers and scientific leaders including the ALLG Scientific Advisory Committee, Standing Member Committees and our Scientific Working Parties.

Blood cancers are complex and present significant treatment challenges for doctors, patients and families. Unlike other cancers, there are no preventative measures or screening programs available.

ALLG’s Research Report 2023 highlights the importance of pursuing high impact clinical trials that use innovative new therapies to advance blood cancer treatments and improve survival.

ALLG’s Impact – Blood Cancer Treatments

Since 1973, the ALLG has been vital in enabling over 13,000 blood cancer patients to access the best treatments available globally through our clinical trials. ALLG trials have not only improved patient outcomes but have also significantly influenced cancer care both in Australia and worldwide. ALLG trials continue to contribute significantly to the best standard treatments for blood cancers in Australia and New Zealand.

ALLG is dedicated to delivering high-impact clinical trials and laboratory research through clinical trials that enable access to novel therapies for patients who desperately need new therapeutic approaches, as we work towards our mission of Better treatments, Better lives.

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