Sir Sam Neill – New Zealand actor and blood cancer survivor supports the ALLG’s concerns of proposed NZ bill affecting clinical trials

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On 24 March 2023, three ALLG representatives including our CEO Delaine Smith and New Zealand (NZ) ALLG Members, haematologists Ruth Spearing and Claire Hemmaway (Former Chair of ALLG Medicines Access NZ Committee), presented at a New Zealand Select Health Subcommittee hearing about concerns regarding a proposed therapeutic products bill.

The NZ actor and blood cancer survivor Sir Sam Neill provided ALLG with a supportive statement for the presentation.

The proposed bill could significantly add to the burden of running international cooperative group trials like the ALLG’s in NZ and affect patient health outcomes.

Sir Sam Neill, now in remission after treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, said in a statement for the ALLG’s presentation at the hearing:

I urge the select committee to note that it is so important that New Zealanders are able to access new, emerging and effective cancer treatments that are the standard of care in other parts of the world. Fast, straightforward availability to world class treatments and enrolment in clinical trials is what New Zealanders deserve as these therapies can be life-saving and life-changing for so

The story featured in the Herald Sun news, page 10, on March 31, 2023.

Read the ALLG’s submission to the Therapeutic and Natural Health Products Regulation – Considerations for Cabinet regarding the Therapeutics Products Bill to Parliament here.

We are thankful to Sam who leant his support with a statement to the ALLG. Sam had to go to Sydney (Australia) for treatment of his aggressive form of Hodgkin lymphoma last year, treatment he could not get at home in NZ. Not everyone has the ability to do so. Equitable access to clinical trials is essential for all New Zealanders. The right to health is a basic human right.

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