The Strategic Narrative: A Better Way To Communicate

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With the implementation of our 2016–2021 Strategic Plan, which articulates a clear and compelling vision and strategy for the future of our organisation, the ALLG has developed a Corporate Narrative to sets the scene about the ALLG for everyone—members, partners, community, donors, etc.

The ALLG is pleased to announce the launch of our Corporate Narrative and new Brand Identity. Our refreshed new look mirrors the exciting and engaging direction we are taking to deliver clinical trials to improve the outcomes of patients with blood cancer. The new Brand Identity focuses on the core positioning of the ALLG’s vision and strategy.

The ALLG’s new Brand Identity—specifically its fresh colour palette, sense of space, modern open type face and creative bridge to our old logo reflects and projects a modern, dynamic professional association. Some key elements, such as the red and blue, remain the same and by keeping a sense of familiarity between old and new, we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible.

From now on you will notice changes in all new publications, stationery, signage and the new identity soon will be supported by a brand–new website, which will be the touchpoint for members and stakeholders looking to connect with the ALLG as a whole.

The new Brand Identity has given the ALLG a forward–looking, energised persona, and we are certain it will further elevate us to foster partnerships to enhance the trial program. By taking this approach we aim to strengthen the ALLG’s reputation as a member based organisation that sponsors, develops, conducts and publishes practice changing clinical trials.