Welcoming Marina Mullins, ALLG Operations Manager

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Late last year, the ALLG appointed Marina Mullins in the role of ALLG Operations Manager. She manages both the programme of ALLG clinical trials, and the staff of the ALLG Trial Centre.

Marina commenced her role at the ALLG in November 2018, having previously worked at Nucleus Network as the Head of the Pharmacy Department. During her time there she executed the build and commissioning of an on-site cleanroom to GMP standards to house manufacturing of Investigational Products.

Marina Mullins commented ‘the role of Operations Manager encompasses a complete oversight of the clinical trials operations from development to publications and extends to integrate the NBCR and Biobanking functions.’

At the November Scientific Meeting, Marina met with many of the members to learn of their research priorities and gain valuable insight to the important benefits of the role of the ALLG in working for the patients who are undergoing treatment for blood cancer.

“I have taken the time to work closely with each clinical trial staff member to understand their responsibilities and given them a chance to highlight any hurdles. I have then used this to form a strategic change for the company in order to streamline operations”, she said.

To align with the current strategic plan, Marina Mullins has been focused on completing a GAP Analysis of the trial centre to ensure that each staff member is working to the most efficient standards to produce a high quality of work in a way that reflects the organisational values: Quality, Collaboration, Innovation and Integrity.

“As a group, the ALLG is growing, we are looking at how we can attract the best talent to our organisation, we believe we can offer a dynamic, rewarding environment where our clinical trials team can develop rapidly and inject experience into the trials.”

For Marina Mullins, having the chance to transition out of the phase 1 clinical trials and into Investigator Initiated trials was an opportunity she couldn’t ignore.

“It is important to me to support research that is clinically significant and to use my knowledge to be instrumental in bettering the lives of Australian patients.”

“I love the demanding environment of working at the ALLG. Everyone I’ve met is hugely passionate about what they do and it’s a privilege to learn and work alongside some of the best in the country”, said Ms Mullins.

As a qualified and registered pharmacist, Marina graduated from Monash University with honours. She has extensive clinical trial experience and brings a strong comprehensive knowledge of GCP and GMP.