ALLG’s 50th Anniversary Year!

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1 January 2023 marks the start of ALLG’s 50th Anniversary year!

Since 1973, the ALLG has been conducting clinical trials focused on delivering new treatments and supporting better lives for patients living with blood cancer.

From humble beginnings to today’s 1000 + members from across Australia and New Zealand, we are proud of the impact ALLG members and the clinical trial results have made on better patient treatment and care throughout the past five decades.

Our members’ work has made a significant impact on blood cancer care.

ALLG trials have contributed to what are now standard treatments in Australia and New Zealand in AML and other conditions. Several ALLG trials have resulted in new internationally adopted treatment protocols, expanded indications for existing treatments and increased international focus on Australia’s position as a leader in the blood cancer field.

Over the past five decades, the ALLG has had:

• 222 publications in peer-reviewed journals
• 293 presentations of trial results at local and international conferences
• Over 12,500 patients that have been supported by ALLG trials, including all ALLG trials, projects and registries.
• Over 160 trials conducted

Looking to the future, ALLG’s comprehensive scientific research strategy will drive the change needed to achieve better blood cancer treatments.

We look forward to celebrating 50 years of progress in blood cancer treatments through ALLG clinical trials in Australasia and will share more news throughout 2023!