It’s important to ALLG that our donors and supporters know how we use their donations and for us to share the impact and outcomes of their support.

Every dollar donated to ALLG helps fund our clinical trial and translational research program to deliver better treatments and better lives for patients with blood cancers.

As a not-for-profit, ALLG has the independence to put action plans in place for all diseases, not just one blood cancer type.

Our clinician members believe that all patients with blood cancers deserve better and less toxic treatments that help to create better lives, better survival outcomes and potentially, a cure.

ALLG by the Numbers

For more details on ALLG’s work and impact, please view:

ALLG Annual Review 2022

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ALLG Case for Support

Help drive the change needed now to create better blood cancer treatments for patients through ALLG clinical trial research

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ALLG News Edition 2

Global Impact and Collaboration, ALLG’s advocacy for better patient access to clinical trials and therapies, Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor and clinical trial participant, New Zealand Air Force pilot Hemi Frires shares his story and more…

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ALLG’s Scientific Research Strategy

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Kate Halford ALLG

To find out more about the impact of your donation to ALLG, please contact the ALLG Partnership & Fundraising Manager:

Kate Halford
ALLG Senior Manager – Partnerships & Communications
P: 03 8373 9705