Full Member

You will have the opportunity to develop clinical trials that benefit your research, with your priorities.

New Members must be personally recommended by two existing Full Members who must be named as nominating members on the application form. Full Members may choose from a membership term of one, three or five years.

Benefits of full memberships include:

  • Access to a national and international network of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving outcomes for blood cancer
  • Support the development of new investigator-initiated studies
  • Participate in the design of the protocol and the clinical trials
  • Propose concepts for new clinical trials
  • Access to workshops, seminars and meetings organised by the ALLG
  • Opportunity to contribute to the scientific and strategic development of the ALLG through its Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and various Disease Group Committees (DGCs)
  • Access to ALLG-funded training and education opportunities
  • Notification of upcoming national and international research grants
  • Access to ALLG resources and advice on concepts, trial design and analysis

We are always looking to support future leaders. Full Membership of the ALLG could lead to a role as a trial Principal Investigator (Pl), chairing a subcommittee, working in a trial group or offering leadership as part of the SAC.

Associate Member

We understand that you may need the support of the ALLG members and staff to do your job. If you are a data manager, research nurse or trial coordinator who has an affiliation with an ALLG trial, you are welcome to apply for an Associate Membership.

As an Associate Member, you will be able to attend ALLG Scientific Meetings, receive notice of general meetings, and access education and training opportunities through two ALLG scholarship awards. As this category does not incur a yearly fee, Associate Membership does not include voting rights or the opportunity to run a clinical trial.

ALLG Associate Member Application Form

An Associate Member of the company is a person who must participate in a Study under the supervision of a Principal Investigator (PI)

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Community Member

Community Membership is available to anyone who would like to maintain an active interest in the activities of the ALLG. It is hoped that a wide range of people will take advantage of this level of involvement with the ALLG and in supporting its work.

Community Members may include:

  • Members upon retirement when they cease to be full members
  • Patients and their friends and family
  • People in the community who have been affected by a blood cancer
  • Members of consumer groups and patient advocates
  • Members of the public who wish to support research into blood cancers
Community Membership Application Form

Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group – Community Membership Application Form

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