Support Australians affected by blood cancer through Workplace Giving


Workplace giving is an easy and impactful way to support blood cancer research – and you can do it automatically from your pre-tax pay.

By signing up to support the ALLG through your workplace giving program, you will be helping our researchers find better treatments, and potentially a cure, for blood cancer patients.

A workplace giving program is easy for employers to set up and provides many benefits for both companies and employees while supporting a worthy cause. Employers can also choose to match employee’s contributions dollar for dollar, which doubles the impact of their donation to blood cancer research.

Best of all, it’s easy to set-up, comes directly through your payroll every pay cycle and because it’s pre-tax, your tax refund is immediate. Your small, monthly donation can have an even bigger impact when combined with employer matched donations through a workplace giving program.

Why choose to give to the ALLG?

Every 46 minutes, someone in Australia is diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder and life for them and their family will change forever.

Workplace giving is a simple way for working Australians to make a big difference in the search for better treatments and cancer cures.

If just 10% of working Australians made a regular employee donation of $5 each week, their contributions would amount to over $300 million each year.

The potential for new cancer research breakthroughs, through an increase in workplace giving, is phenomenal.

Your regular workplace giving donation helps to provide the ALLG with long term, stable funding to conduct more blood cancer clinical trials and research to accelerate better treatments for patients.

Many people with cancer are now living longer, with a better quality of life, due to clinical trials. Clinical trials are the crucial link between a discovery in a laboratory and bringing new treatments to patients.

By choosing to support the ALLG through workplace giving, you, your colleagues and your company as a whole will make a real difference to the lives of the people living with blood cancer, and their families.

Information for employees

How to get started

Check to see whether your company already uses the workplace giving platform Good2Give or Benevity.

  • If yes, you only need to search for the ALLG profile to sign up for regular pre-tax donations.
  • If not, contact us today! We can provide information and advice to your organisation to explain the work of ALLG and the benefits of workplace giving. We can also provide you with advice, examples and tools such as sign up forms and posters, to help make your workplace giving program as simple and effective as possible.

To find out how best to start an ALLG workplace giving campaign, or to increase participation rates in your organisation, please contact Kate Halford at

Try it for yourself

Figure is an estimate only and is based on a margin tax rate applied for employees earning between $37,001 and $80,000 per annum @ July 2017. Excludes Medicare Levy.

Information for employers

8 out of 10

employees surveyed felt their company’s workplace giving program reflected a genuine commitment to the community*.




of respondents felt the community engagement and generosity demonstrated by workplace giving made their company a better place to work*.

*Good2Give 2015 Workplace Givers Research Report

Workplace giving can boost employee engagement, improve staff participation, morale and retention. We can help you maximise staff engagement by complementing your workplace giving program with regular updates on how donations are being used.

Kate Halford ALLG

To find out more about seizing this rewarding and effective staff engagement opportunity contact Good2Give directly or Kate below:

Kate Halford
ALLG Senior Manager – Partnerships & Communications
P: 03 8373 9705