ALLG News Edition 7 Now Available

ALLG News Edition 7 Now Available

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Our latest community news, ALLG News Edition 7, is now available! Download a copy to read about our work to progress blood cancer treatments through impactful and innovative clinical trials using cutting-edge technologies such as CAR-T cell therapy.

Last year, we celebrated a monumental milestone – five decades of impact for patients with blood cancer. In our 51st year, we look forward to more research and treatment breakthroughs that create Better Treatments, Better Lives, and other significant highlights, such as our upcoming May 2024 Scientific Meeting. This meeting is vital as it brings together ALLG doctor members from across the country to generate and share new research concepts that drive better treatments for patients with blood cancer.

Read more about ALLG’s blood cancer research by downloading our ALLG News, Edition 7.



ALLG News Edition 7 Insights

ALLG News Edition 7 contains engaging articles and information across the spectrum of blood cancers, including leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma; current treatments; and how ALLG is changing blood cancer treatments to increase cancer survival rates and quality of life.

In Edition 7, learn about CAR-T cell therapy, how necessary these new blood cancer treatments are to patients, and how opening impactful trials like the international NHL39 POLAR BEAR trial is making a difference for patients across Australia and New Zealand.


ALLG’s Impact – Blood Cancer Treatments

ALLG is the only not-for-profit, collaborative blood cancer clinical trial group in Australasia. Our 1,300+  leading haematologists, scientists, and blood cancer researcher members are dedicated to progressing blood cancer treatments and patient outcomes while aiming for a cure.

Our mission is to create better treatments and better lives for patients with blood cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. We design and conduct leading-edge clinical trials and research that drive new blood cancer treatments and better quality of life for cancer patients. In 2023, ALLG marked 5 decades of impact on patients with blood cancer.

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