Professor Mark Hertzberg – Seven Years at the Helm

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Professor Mark Hertzberg recently retired as Chair of The Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group (ALLG) Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

Professor Mark Hertzberg

Prof Hertzberg, who took the role as Chair in 2010 held the post for seven years, and was replaced by A/Prof Peter Mollee, a SAC representative since 2012.

Chair of the High Grade Lymphoma Disease Group Committee, and an investigator on a number of trials, Mark oversaw significant business and operational changes throughout his time as SAC Chair.

Presenting at the last Scientific Meeting, Mark said that despite the many challenges, he certainly enjoyed his time as Chair of the SAC.

“I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to learn much from my colleagues, my fellow ALLG Board members, as well as all the office and trials staff”, Prof Hertzberg said.

An active member of the ALLG since 2007, Mark was the Treasurer of the then Executive Committee, while Prof John Seymour was the Chair.

Prof Hertzberg jokingly reflects, “When the position of Chair of the new SAC was declared vacant, nominees were asked to step forward. Each member quickly took a step back leaving me completely exposed.”

“John Seymour did an amazing job for bringing the ALLG into a modern era of professionalism by driving the establishment of the ALLG Board, appointing Peter Kempen as its Chair, and, Delaine Smith as Chief Executive Officer.”

“Their work and dedication shows how highly committed they are to seeing the ALLG become the best clinical trials group in the world”, Prof Hertzberg said.

Over the past 10 years, the ALLG has gone from opening 2 to 3 trials per year, to consistently opening 4 to 5 trials per year. The increase reflects the organisations devotion to blood cancer clinical trial research.

However, as Prof Hertzberg suggests, the ALLG trial success rests squarely on the members.

“The reason the ALLG achieves so much is because we have a membership that believes in clinical trials.”

“My advice to the membership is to continue to engage, to come to the scientific meetings, to take on the ALLG trials at their sites, to cross-refer their patients to sites at which trials are open, and help make the ALLG, your ALLG, the best cancer co-operative trial group in the world.”

It has been a wonderful seven years. The ALLG would like to thank Mark for his time, his expertise and scientific leadership to the clinical trial program.