Vale Associate Professor James D’Rozario

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We are all extremely saddened to announce that our respected colleague and friend Associate Professor James D’Rozario MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA, Senior Staff Specialist and Clinical Director, Department of Haematology, Division of Cancer, Canberra Hospital and Health Service, Associate Professor, Australian National University Medical School, died on 27 January 2022 at the age of 56.

He was a great friend to many members and loved the ALLG. Our thoughts are with his family and all of our colleagues at Canberra Hospital.

A/Prof D’Rozario has been a leading figure in clinical research at The Canberra Hospital advancing clinical trials and
improving opportunities for patients since 2002. James association with the ALLG goes back to 2001, although he
attended his first Scientific Meeting in the late 1990’s as a trainee.

In October 2021 James received his ALLG 20-year Membership Award, he was thrilled and commented …

Apart from making me feel old (!), it is a great honour. As to what the ALLG means to me…. When I first became a member of the ALLG in 2001, it was still something of a boutique group, working as it did to galvanise different centres across ANZ in conducting quality clinical research in blood cancer therapeutics. Even then it had already produced some important landmark studies of international impact in the fields of lymphoma and AML. The last 20 years has seen our organisation grow into something of which we can be very proud.

You can read more about James and see photos here.