A world first in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) trials

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The ALLG has opened the first hospital site in Australia for a clinical trial that is a world first in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) trials. The AMLM26 INTERCEPT study aims to radically change the way AML therapy is determined.

AMLM26 INTERCEPT trial [Investigating Novel Therapy to Target Early Relapse and Clonal Evolution as Pre-emptive Therapy in AML] is designed to introduce a range of new medicines and new technologies to measure residual disease, which will aide in the early detection of AML relapse.

Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, is the first of 16 hospitals in Australia open for the AMLM26 INTERCEPT study – treatment arms MBG453+/- Azacitidine. Further sites will open over the coming months across Australia, New Zealand and USA.

This is an incredible milestone for ALLG and for patients with AML. The innovative platform nature of the AMLM26 INTERCEPT trial study represents a world first in its design, scope and precision-based approach to AML and will be important in managing and treating patients with AML. New treatment arms and new biomarker driven domains can be seamlessly added to the trial framework moving into the future.

A big thank you to Chief Investigator Prof Andrew Wei [pictured] and to the ALLG Clinical Trial Office team, Amanda Souza, Jenny Collins, Rev Sharma and Madeleine Foreman, for working so hard to finally reach this amazing milestone! Congratulations to all involved!