Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Delaine Smith

Delaine Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group (ALLG). Delaine believes strongly in the advancement of new treatments through sound evidence.

The ALLG is a cooperative trial group representing over 1,000 member haematologists, researchers, scientist, nurses from 94 member sites across Australia and New Zealand.  Since commencing in the role at the ALLG in 2008, Delaine has assisted the ALLG members to achieve a fully independent research framework. Delaine has supported ALLG members with a strong and steady academic clinical trial office and business team resulting in members being able to offer 4-5 new trials a year to their patients, with a constant of 20-25 trials open to recruitment at any one time. The ALLG recruits anywhere between 300-400 patients per year to clinical trials and an additional 400-500 per year to the National Blood Cancer Registry (NBCR). Part of the ALLG strategy for Better Treatments, Better Lives is to facilitate a national clinical data and biospecimen pathway for patients suffering blood cancer.

Delaine is a member of the CCTG Executive Officer Network, and former Chair. Delaine is a key contributor to Australia’s National Blood Cancer Taskforce and is a member of the Steering Committee.

In her role as CEO of the ALLG she shares a vision to support the scientific research community towards finding new treatments and improving outcomes for patients with haematological disorders.