ALLG – Board of Management (BoM)

The ALLG is governed on behalf of members by a Board of Management in accordance with the ALLG Constitution.

Subject to the exercise by the Board of the powers contained in the ALLG Constitution, the Board manages the Company and directs the affairs of the Company.

The Board must meet at least four times per financial year at such place and time as the Board may determine.

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is a standing committee of the Company.

Purpose of SAC

  • To design, conduct, publish and facilitate translation of clinical trial research in the setting of haematological malignancy, and in doing so establish and foster the scientific objectives of the group.
  • To ensure scientific rigour is applied to all research proposed and conducted by the group.
  • To encourage and promote membership to the ALLG.
  • To advise the Board on matters pertaining to the scientific interests, reputation and strategic direction of the group.

Responsibility of SAC

The chief responsibility of the SAC will be oversight of the ALLG clinical trial program and linked translational research studies. Further, it is responsible for:

  • The scientific assessments of and relating to each Study;
  • Review of the scientific elements of the Protocols;
  • Determination of the scientific direction and priorities of the Company; and
  • Co-ordinate the establishment of Disease Group Committees (DGC), which actively supports members and Principal Investigators (PIs).

Finance & Audit Committee (FAC)

The FAC is a subcommittee which reports directly to the Board. The purpose of the FAC is to ensure ALLG finances are reported in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards and that ALLG resources are managed in such a way as to ensure financial sustainability and achieve value for money on costs for members.

The responsibilities delegated to the FAC by the Board include oversight of all statutory and financial reporting, approval and ongoing oversight of clinical trial budgets, monitoring the company’s business and financial risks and oversight of cash flow and investments.

Safety and Data Monitoring Committee (SDMC)

The ALLG SDMC is an advisory committee to the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), it operates independently and includes at least three external members.

The SDMC reviews all trials, protocol amendments and other matters relating to patient safety and quality of trial data.

The ALLG SDMC meets four times a year, at a minimum, to undertake review of the ALLG clinical trial portfolio.

Responsibilities of the SDMC