Congratulations to our 2023 Hall of Fame winners!

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We’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to announce who has been inducted into the ALLG Annual Hall of Fame this year. At our 50th anniversary Gala dinner last night at Crown Sydney, we congratulated our worthy winners.

The aim of the Hall of Fame is to give recognition to people, hospital sites or teams who have made a sustained and outstanding contribution to the ALLG.

This year the recipients of the accolade were the South Australian CML Research Teams. Peter Browett announced the team’s award, which was presented by Delaine Smith and Peter Kempen.

Over three decades, the team at Royal Adelaide Hospital Haematology and Clinical Trials Unit, the CML research team of South Australia Health Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), and the University of South Australia have continued to drive significant change and discovery in the field of CML.

Their efforts were linked and leveraged through the ALLG clinical trial program for the advancement of molecular testing, meaning treatment for CML has accelerated with world-wide impact for patients.

The team in South Australia have and continue to demonstrate all the values of those valued by the ALLG – Integrity, Quality, Collaboration, Innovation, Respect.

Some fast facts about the South Australian CML Research Teams’ great achievements across ten trials.

  • 1,342 patients have benefited from participation in ALLG trials
  • 20+ publications have been released on the treatment outcomes and correlative research projects
  • The Correlative Research outcomes have contributed to the optimised use of TKI’s setting guidelines and standards locally and internationally.
  • The survival rate of patients with CML in the past 20years (pre-TKIs) has drastically improved.

Well done to our clinician researcher leads – Professor Tim Hughes, Associate Professor David Yeung and Associate Professor Daivd Ross, chief scientist – Professor Deborah White, expert trial coordinating team Bronwen Ortlepp, Angelica Thieleke and Janet Ruggiero, Dr Naranie Shanmuganathan, Professor Susan Branford, Steph Arbon and Lisa Carne and keep up the amazing work!