New online resource enables researchers to access and share data from health studies

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The HeSANDA platform is a catalogue of research metadata from clinical trials conducted across Australia that enables researchers to access and share data from health studies.

Led by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), the project has involved over 72 research institutes from across Australia, including the fourteen Cancer Cooperative trials Groups. The ALLG has provided to the platform the metadata from 32 practice-changing trials that our Group has conducted over the past 20 years.

The metadata is searchable to allow researchers to identify and request access to datasets to conduct additional research projects, including meta-analysis of studies, supplemental analysis, to explore research questions that were not analysed in the original trial and data discovery, to assist in developing an idea for a new clinical trial.

Learn more here about the ARDC and the HeSANDA platform that provides a national infrastructure for health research data sharing and collaboration. You can also read a Case Study here.

The HeSANDA project launched on 30 June, 2023. You can access HeSANDA via the Datasets tab under Clinical Trials & Research on the website here:

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